PASIG Conference

Attended my first meeting/conference today of the Museums Australia Performing Arts Special Interest Group (PASIG) held at Gorman House in Canberra – one of the great things about having all these national institutions is they have lots of conferences here! Antoinette Buchanan gave a great presentation on the performing arts collection at the ACT Heritage Library: it makes up about 20% of the whole Library collection and aside from Splinters it has the papers and memorabilia of Ralph Wilson, Human Veins, Bill Hoffman, Philo and Rep to name just a few.

Terrific to meet some of the key players in the field such as Jenny Fewster from AusStage and Margaret Marshall from The Performing Arts Collection in Melbourne, which currently has a must-see exhibition on Reg Livermore. I’ll be giving a paper on the Splinters project at PASIG next year in Adelaide as part of the Museums Australia National Conference.


About tonebuddha

I am undertaking a PhD at the Centre for Digital Humanities Research , Australian National University. My research is developing a theoretical framework for using online archives of theatre and performance video to research audiences over long time periods. The Splinters archive is a case study for my research.
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One Response to PASIG Conference

  1. hoshaky says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it Gavin, but went to the conference first day at nla and had a chat to joe kelly from damsmart! about the digitisation of video material,

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