Archive conceptual structure

This is a research blog after all. Here’s the conceptual structure for the design and making of the interactive archive.


The arrows on the left are the materials in the archive at the ACT Heritage library. The records of the company provide the backbone of a classification structure around productions and their content. The video (and audio) are already being formed into an online platform that people will be able to respond to. This will help create a narrative about the Splinters experience that along with the curatorial process will inform the documentary film and exhibition. Responses to these and the planned performances by former Splinters artists will supply ongoing input to the archive. The data created through the responses will be a goldmine for students of theatre and cultural heritage.


About tonebuddha

I am undertaking a PhD at the Centre for Digital Humanities Research , Australian National University. My research is developing a theoretical framework for using online archives of theatre and performance video to research audiences over long time periods. The Splinters archive is a case study for my research.
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