The Village to come to Canberra

The Village to come to Canberra

With the launch of the Centenary of Canberra program, I can finally let people know about the wonderful news that the Village Festival, of which Stuart Vaskess is Co-Director, is coming to Canberra 21-24 March 2013 in Glebe Park. With it the even more wonderful news that as a result, at a meeting with Stuart, Patrick Troy, Louise Morriss and Rebecca Rutter, we agreed that the conditions were right to create a reunion Splinters performance at the Village. From the article:

One of Canberra’s best known troupes from the 1980s and ’90s, Splinters Theatre of Spectacle, has already committed to putting on a performance. Gavin Findlay, a former manager and performer with Splinters, said he was very excited about bringing Splinters artists back to Canberra ”at long last”. He said Splinters was Australia’s most exciting and daring theatre group in the 1990s and many members had gone on to successful careers nationally and internationally.

”In addition to the special Splinters performance, which we hope will inspire the next generation of Canberra artists to explore its remarkable legacy, there will be an exhibition of video, photography and artworks from the Splinters heyday at the Canberra Museum and Gallery and permanent Splinters online video archive,” he said.


About tonebuddha

I am undertaking a PhD at the Centre for Digital Humanities Research , Australian National University. My research is developing a theoretical framework for using online archives of theatre and performance video to research audiences over long time periods. The Splinters archive is a case study for my research.
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