The Making of Dirt Babylon

It’s hard to believe but after years of planning, we are in the final stretch to the presentation of Dirt Babylon, a special production by The Village collective and former Splinters members at The Village in Glebe Park for the Centenary of Canberra, on the evenings of Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March 2013 at 8pm. Directed by Rebecca Rutter with Ian Pidd, produced by Gavin Findlay and Stuart Vaskess. It’s a collaboration in classic Splinters style that will encompass the whole Village with contributions from Louise Morris, Tim Wood, Kate MacNamara, Dawn Gardiner, Khail Jureidini, Brian Hincksman, Serena Kershaw, Melissa Edwards, Ben Keaney, Gerald Keaney, Greg Raymond, Gemma Clare, Sara Vancea, Phil Moriarty, Renald Navilly and Patrick Troy, Peat Moss, Gordo, Lindsay Heffernan, Cody Anderson, Simone Penkethman, Jack Dallwitz and students from Hawker College coached by Maria Kelliher.


About tonebuddha

I am undertaking a PhD at the Centre for Digital Humanities Research , Australian National University. My research is developing a theoretical framework for using online archives of theatre and performance video to research audiences over long time periods. The Splinters archive is a case study for my research.
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