Principal Researcher – Gavin Findlay is undertaking a PhD at the Centre for Digital Humanities, Australian National University, which aims to develop a theoretical framework and methodology for using visual documentation of theatre as a research tool. The video archive of Canberra’s groundbreaking Splinters Theatre of Spectacle will be a case study for the research. He is a musician and producer of theatre, music and dance.

Archivist – Joel Swadling holds a Graduate Diploma in Writing from the University of Technology Sydney. He is currently working on the arrangement and description of the David Branson Papers at the ACT Heritage Library, and on a biography of Splinters co-founder the late David Branson (Wikipedia entry).

Curator – José Roberston was an early member of Splinters and has worked as a curator at the National Gallery of Australia, managed multimedia at the National Gallery of Australia, and was Head of Digital Programmes at the National Portrait Gallery in London.


One Response to Researchers

  1. robbie swan says:

    HI..Fiona and I handed over quite a few items to Adam Herbst for this archive. site looks good. I have just found half a dozen of Katherine Pepper’s crazy photos that she took at the Brickworks. would you like them? Couldn’t see an address to send stuff. Couldn’t find Katherine on line anywhere either. .where have all the flowers gone?
    robbie swan

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