Flyers, tickets, clippings

A miscellany of Splinters material in the ACT Heritage Library archive from right across the history of the company – tickets, press cuttings, flyers, stickers, which were in DB’s collection in a grey plastic satchel. The handmade Cathedral of Flesh “Boot” ticket is my favourite.

Cathedral of Flesh ticket 1992 64x83

Cathedral of Flesh ticket 1992 64×83

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Gumboot Full of Blood – production notebook by Stuart Vaskess 1988

This stunning Gumboot Full of Blood notebook demonstrates the creative intensity of this period of Splinters, which was in essence Stuart, Patrick Troy and David Branson on the road in Adelaide and Melbourne and working with local collaborators. It speaks for itself. Enjoy.


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Thirst… is a place video

Uploaded to YouTube the 30 minute video made by Luhsun Tan of Thirst… is a place written by Christopher Barnett and devised and performed by Splinters Theatre Company. Performed at the National Exhibition Centre, Canberra ACT in September 1993, directed by Nico Lathouris and Renald Navilly. This video was commissioned by the Art, Not Apart Festival 2015 to accompany the screening of the documentary These Heathen Dreams on Barnett, by Anne Tsoulis.

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Netherlands research trip

I am mighty pleased to be heading off on Monday to Utrecht to present at the Play / Perform / Participate conference 2015, the biannual gathering of the International Society for Intermedial Studies. Following this I have the honour to be spending 4 weeks as scholar in residence at Utrecht University and working with key members of the legendary theatre group Dogtroep, helping them to organise their archive of film and video. We will give a joint seminar at Het Huis in Utrecht in 12 May.

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These Heathen Dreams screening in Canberra 14 March

Mighty pleased to announce that These Heathen Dreams, the documentary on Christoper Barnett made by Anne Tsoulis, will be screened in Canberra on Saturday 14 March at Palace Cinema, for the Art, Not Apart Festival. The festival has also provided some funds to commission Luhsun Tan to make a 30 minute edit of the work Christopher wrote for Splinters in 1993, Thirst… is a place, from video in the Splinters archive.

These Heathen Dreams web

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Research update November 2014

It’s now 16 months since moving to ANU and my fourth month of full time study. As I am about to head off on some long awaited holidays, just a few quick notes on developments. Most of the last year and a bit has been taken up with meeting the ANU’s PhD coursework requirements. These included Interdisciplinary Research Methods, Research Design and Ethics (including successful submission of a research ethics clearance to the University), Situating the Thesis (aka the literature review, in my case a re-review) and an elective. I chose to do a Masters unit given by by supervisor Kath Bode, “Digital Humanities: Theories and Projects”, which was very useful to me for catching up on the latest DH research issues. I am also very pleased to have a new supervisor added to my panel, theatre studies expert Dr Kate Flaherty.

As a result, my output in papers and this research blog has slowed to a trickle, as has work on the actual archive itself. This is not a bad thing as the new edition of the ANU’s OCCAMS content management system has been released, and some additional features I need are now under development such as being able to embed into WordPress. This will likely be my last post until the new year as I spend the next 6 weeks relaxing with my partner Victoria, and friends and family in Cambodia, Thailand and Western Australia.

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Splinters Exhibition slideshow

The Canberra Museum and Gallery has posted a short slideshow of last year’s exhibition here.

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