Many of those who took part in Splinters are still active as artists and have websites some of which are on the menu at right, Hands of Glory. We will keep adding to this over time, here starting with those contributing to the archive project:

Louise Morris, who kindly donated the videos left with her by David Branson that are a substantial part of the collection, is now an theatre academic in Melbourne and her performance company is Red Cabbage.

Stuart Vaskess is now Co-Director of The Village Festival, based in Melbourne. Stuart was a key members of the Splinters from the very beginning. He wrote and performed in the early days and created much of the visual style including the distinctive hand made posters. In the second half of the company’s life he focussed on using his amazing skills as a sculptor, making machines and sets, and overall logistics.

Katherine Pepper was photographer-in-residence from the early days, and took many thousands of shots over the years. Many prints and negatives are in the collection at the ACT Heritage Library, and over time we will digitise this as well as some of Katherine’s personal archive. She continues to work as a professional photographer in the UK.

Phllip Crotty was a long-time Splinters member who sadly passed away in June 2012. He was a key writer for the company, working much in collaboration with Patrick Troy, and a gifted performer, notably in The Second Scream (see Videos). Phil was also a driving force in Splinters’ mutant little sister group, Aktion Surreal. A brilliant mind, a gentle soul, sadly missed.

We have started making a list of everyone who performed with Splinters. It’s probably going to be impossible to identify everybody, but here in the meantime is the list we have so far of those who made significant contributions over the years. If you were involved in a Splinters show and not listed here, please let us know which show and in what role.

Adam Herbst
Amanda Ruck
Andrew Cole (Stick)
Andrew Freer
Andy Miller
Andrew Murray
Anthony Hayes
Anna Reeves
Anna Simic
Anne Marie Sinclair
Annette Salkeld
Awombda (Amanda Codd)
Aurelia Armstrong
Ben Blakeborough
Bradley Barnett
Brian Hincksman
Bronwen Gault
Calder Hussey
Carl Looper
Catherine Harris
Catherine Hassall
Catrina Vignado
Charles Tan
Cheryl Heazlewood
Chris Harris
Christopher Barnett
Clint Hurrell
Colin Grant
Craig Brown
Cristy Gilbert
Danielle Casey
David Bleach aka d
David Branson (dec)
David Callahan (dec)
Dawn Gardiner
Deborah Maurer
Dominic Bromilow
Elmo Reid
Emeria Tellegen
Fiona Bozic
Fiona Edge
Fred Smith
Gavin Findlay
Gemma Clare
Geoff Hinchcliffe
Gerald Keaney
Gina Dow
Greg Walker
Gregor Murray
Hal Judge
Heaven Muecke
Hiske Weijers
Imogen Hall
Imogen Keen
Ivan Smith
Jackie Everitt
Jai McHenry Derra
Jane Magnus
Janet Read
Jasper Peri-Stuart
Jean Doucet
Jessy Moss
Jim Adamik
John Burns
John Utans
Jonathan Nix
Jose Robertson (Ho Shaky)
Justine Lawler
Khail Edgar Juredini
Kate Macnamara
Katherine Pepper
Kauru Alfonso
Kevin White
Kimmo Vennonen
Kyriaki Maragozidis
Laurence Axtens
Lexie Lammas
Lindsay Dunbar
Louise Morris
Lucinda Gleeson
Luhsun Tan
Lyndel Cureton
Mar Barnett
Margaret Cameron
Marie Haggerty
Megan Elliott
Melissa Edwards
Mikel Simic
Miles Van Dorssen
Natasha Grishin (dec)
Neil Freeman
Nico Lathouris
Nick Craft
Nigel Kellaway
Patrick Troy
Pauline Cady
Penny Sands
Peter Haynes
Phil Moriarty
Philip Crotty (dec)
Pip Branson
Rachel Moss
Rebecca Rutter
Remo Vallance
Renald Navilly
Rob Rogers
Ross Cameron
Rowena Odgers
Sandra Oldfield
Sara Vancea
Sarah Glezer
Sarah King
Sarah Moss
Sarah McMurray (Snell)
serena kershaw
simon corrigan
Simon Scheurle
Simon Terrill
Skye Raabe
Stephen Harrison
Stephen Howard
Stuart Vaskess
Sue Page
Susanna Gregan
Tim Dunn
Tim McCann
Tim Wood
Tod Smart
Tom Van Sebille
Vandy Myer’s Sister
Victoria Spence
Willy McElroy


7 Responses to People

  1. Willy McElroy says:

    Hey…. I was there too ya know..! watching paddy blow him self up at the brickwork’s and learning that the secret of acting was speed ..lines of it .. I too was whirled on a fatal floor.. Rowed across that lake… had my head chopped off.. saw the thunderstorm and danced in the mud thereafter….and Branson goin on …and Stuie making all the puppets and that snigger of his !! Come on the W’s ..we deserve our place in Splinters history..Willy McElroy… just under Victoria Spence .. nice and cosy ..Amen ….Love yee all xx what a fucking trip that time was x x x x Thank you SOOO much!

  2. tonebuddha says:

    Done. If you are on Facebook there is also a Splinters group there

  3. Clare says:

    What about us Warrens,?>?

    • tonebuddha says:

      Hi Clare, sorry I missed your question back in January, I know we don’t have everybody on the list, if you can let me know which shows your were in and what you did I can add you to the list.

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  5. Aurelia Armstrong says:

    I was involved with Splinters in the early production Cry Stinking Fish. I’m the girl in the photo with Stu Vaskess – Aurelia Armstrong.

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