One of the features of Splinters and one of the most tangible reminders of the creative fire of the company was the posters made for productions: many by Stuart Vaskess, with his distinctive grungy, haunting cartoon style that was essentially the company’s trademark. The Cry Stinking Fish poster has made it into the collection at the National Gallery of Australia (albeit with incorrect attribution which is hopefully being corrected) through a gift by its former Director James Mollison way back in 1988.

Cry Stinking Fish (1987) poster by Stuart Vaskess

Stuart Vaskess, flyer for Gumboot Full of Blood 1988

Flyer for Gumboot Full of Blood, Adelaide Fringe Festival 1988









Lindsay Dunbar also made several posters for major productions including these for the landmark 1992 Cathedral of Flesh and 1994’s Thirst…is a place.

Splinters - Cathedral Of Flesh Flowers Of Gold

Lindsay Dunbar 1992

Splinters - Thirst Is A Place Water To Burn - Poster

Lindsay Dunbar – Thirst.. is a place poster 1994. Screenprint on paper.

This poster by Mikel Simic was for The Scent of the Wind/Seen to be Gone produced at The Performance Space Sydney in July 1992: the only production which included neither David Branson or Patrick Troy.

Poster by Mikel Simic 1992

Splinters - In Tristitia Hilaris In Hilaritate Tristis - Poster - Colour

Poster by Sarah King

Splinters - Howling In The Halls Of Night - Colour

Poster by Luhsun Tan 1992

Splinters - Oracle Journey Of The Avatar - Original

Poster by Clint Hurrell 1995

Splinters - Whirled On A Fatal Floor 1

Poster by Andy Miller

Splinters - Village Of Captive Souls

Poster by Calder Hussey 1994

Splinters - Village Of Captive Souls - Coota Showground

Poster by Clint Hurrell

Splinters - Seen To Be Gone

Poster by Geoff Hinchcliffe

Splinters - No Tickee No Shirtee

Poster by Andy Miller and Stuart Vaskess

Splinters - Stray Toasters - Poster

Poster by Sarah Moss and Lindsay Dunbar

Splinters - Fuck Jesus Coke 2

Poster by Stuart Vaskess

Splinters - Fuck Jesus Coke 1

Poster by Stuart Vaskess

Splinters - This Fantastic Lake Splinters - The Massive Love Of Risk - Newspaper Poster Splinters - Cry Stinking Fish - Old Seamans Mission Splinters - A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Graveyard


2 Responses to Posters

  1. hoshaky says:

    I always thought Christ Inking Fish was going to be a show about the redeemer as a graphic artist, until I saw the poster and realised I got the name wrong…

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