The ACT Government in 2011 awarded this project an ACT Heritage Grant to assist with the costs of digitising and archivally preserving the video material, which is stored in the ACT Heritage Library. We plan over time to make the video collection widely accessible and to put it in a form that will be useful to theatre practitioners and scholars as well as for those who were part of the Splinters community.

Almost all of the video remained unseen by all but a few until recently, and was languishing in boxes. You can find Splinters videos that have been posted to this site via this link or by clicking the “Videos” button on the right under “Categories”. At presents we are only posting small excerpts for study purposes (see below).

Here is an excerpt from Machine War, edited by Luhsun Tan from performances of Cathedral of Flesh at the 1992 Adelaide Fringe Festival, with some footage from Noise, at the Art School Ball, ANU School of Art 1991. Still gives me goose bumps.

Carl Looper, who filmed a lot of latter period Splinters work, is remastering the video The Sequence, which he co-produced, shot and edited. Not a Splinters work per se, but co-produced, directed by and starring David Branson along with Patrick Troy and Anne-Marie Sinclair, all key Splinters members. The script is by Grahame Henderson.

Photography and footage of Splinters on this site is for research purposes only and is considered fair usage. All rights for reproduction and transmission  remain with the copyright owners. Permission has been given by the copyright owners to use the material here, except where the owner has not yet been identified. If you consider yourself to own copyright in any image or video which has not been credited or permission granted, please contact us and we will take it down or reach an agreement with you on usage.


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